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Welcome To EMS Enhanced

Efficient  Motivation Synergy

EMS Enhanced is a boutique electrofitness company that focuses on helping our clients with their overall health and wellbeing through electro muscle stimulation training. Our goal is to help our clients efficiently achieve optimal fitness results by combining the power of the human body with electrostimulation.

The 25 minute training session is equivalent to 4 hours of conventional training and activates more than 300 muscles simultaneously.  And, even better, we offer both in-home and in-studio training!


What Is Electrofitness

Electrofitness is a novel form of training that represents technological advances in the sports and fitness industry.  It is the sum of benefits of a conventional workout along with electrostimulation currents thus obtaining a high performance workout in a shorter amount of time.  It is an active exercise that increases muscle mass and strength, flexibility, and improves the state of the skin.

Our Services




I-Shape Esthetic


Meet Our Team

I-Shape Esthetic will help you achieve a more toned and sculpted physique in a sedentary position

 Electro muscle stimulation (EMS) is the latest technology to achieve optimal results with an unbeatable time commitment

Our expert team of certified EMS trainers are here to help achieve your optimal fitness goals

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